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The skill test shall be conducted only after approval by the Civil Aviation Agency. Approval is not required for the applicant to take the proficiency check.

Process description

  1. submission of application
    The Applicant shall submit documentation to the Civil Aviation Agency in accordance with Paragraph 179 of Cabinet Regulation No. 754 (2021) (forms and guidelines are available here: veidlapas-pakalpojumu-pieteiksanai).

  2. conformity assessment
    The Civil Aviation Agency examines the range and content of the submitted documents and, following the procedure for appointing an examiner, appoints an appropriate examiner (the list of Latvian examiners is available here: veidlapas-pakalpojumu-pieteiksanai).

  3. Receiving the service
    The Civil Aviation Agency shall approve the applicant's application by assigning a serial number to the practical examination and appointing an examiner in accordance with Paragraph 181 of Cabinet Regulation No. 754 (2021), of which the applicant shall be informed.

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