To protect passengers from new threats where liquid explosive substances may be used, the European Union adopted (COMMISSION REGULATION (EC) No.1546/2006 from October 4, 2006, amending Regulation (EC) No.622/2003) amendments to the safety provisions, limiting the volume of liquid allowed to be brought by passengers through security control points. These provisions refer to any and all passengers departing from EU airports to any place in the world. It means that your hand luggage along with the prohibited item check will be subjected to the liquids check. However, the provisions set no limit for the volume of liquids which passengers may buy in shops located beyond the boarding pass check points, as well as in aircrafts operated by the European Union airlines.
Regulation that supplements the list of items prohibited to bring into aircraft became valid as of November 6, 2006 in all EU Member States, Norway, Island and Switzerland.
When packing your suitcase
When preparing for a trip, you may take little volume of liquids with you in your hand luggage. Liquids shall be in separate packages, and maximum volume thereof may not exceed 100 millilitres per package. Packages of liquids must be inserted into a transparent re-sealable plastic bag with volume of 1l. 

In the airport, at the security check point:
•    In order to facilitate the checking procedure, please present the plastic bag with containers of liquid;
•    Take off your jacket and coat, which will be checked separately while you are going through the metal detector;
•    Laptops and other electronic devices must be removed from the hand luggage. Those will be checked separately while you are going through the metal detector.

Liquids or equal substances:
•    Water and other drinks, soups, syrups;
•    Perfumery;
•    Gels, including hair and shower gel;
•    Pastes, including toothpaste;
•    Mascara;
•    Creams, lotions and oils;
•    Varnish;
•    Shaving mousses, other types of mousse and antiperspirants;
•    Mixtures of liquid and solid particles;
•    Other liquids with similar content.
You still may:
Put liquids into your registered baggage. The new rules apply to hand luggage only.
•    Put into your hand luggage medicines and dietary products, including baby food, required to use during the flight. The security control may request your confirmation for the necessity of these products;
•    Buy liquids, such as drinks and perfumery in the EU airport shops located beyond the boarding pass presenting point or inside the aircraft operated in the European Union.
If these items are sold in specific sealable bags, please do not open these bags until they pass the security check – the content of the bag may be confiscated at the security check point. If you use a transfer flight through an EU airport, please do not open the bag until you pass the security check in your transfer airport or in the last transfer check, if you have more than one change. If you have any doubt on items you may take into your hand luggage, please contact your airline or travel agency. Please be cooperative with employees of the airport security service and employees of the airline.

This document has been executed by the European Commission in cooperation with the Association of European Airlines and the International Airport Board.

Reference: This document provides for summary of the information to passengers on the principal items of the European Union Regulation. Any and all legal actions or claims may be justified only by giving reference to the adopted EU regulatory enactment.

For further information, please refer to the Riga International Airport website