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    Margarita Žukovska

    Assistant to the Director
    Margarita.Zukovska [at]

    Aivis Vincevs

    Crisis and Communications Manager
    Aivis.Vincevs [at]

    Iveta Kancēna

    Project manager
    Iveta.Kancena [at]

    Artūrs Matīss

    Project coordinator
    Arturs.Matiss [at]

    Iveta Giela

    Head of Division
    Iveta.Giela [at]

    Rūta Ramane

    Senior inspector
    Ruta.Ramane [at]

    Signe Pušpure

    Head of Division - chief accountant
    Signe.Puspure [at]

    Ilona Rautmane

    Head of Section
    Ilona.Rautmane [at]

    Dace Revizore

    Head of Division
    Dace.Revizore [at]

    Inga Prancāne

    Head of Section
    Inga.Prancane [at]

    Viesturs Gertners

    Senior Lawyer
    Viesturs.Gertners [at]

    Ivo Tukris

    Head of Section
    Ivo.Tukris [at]

    Mārtiņš Jākobsons

    IT engineer
    Martins.Jakobsons [at]

    Aiga Brūvere

    IT engineer – document management systems specialist
    Aiga.Bruvere [at]

    Ēriks Biters

    Head of Section
    Eriks.Biters [at]

    Aina Ābola

    Aina.abola [at]

    Raivo Bisenieks

    Head of Division
    Raivo.Bisenieks [at]

    Zinta Zaļkalne

    Senior inspector
    Zinta.Zalkalne [at]

    Gunārs Prekelis

    Head of Division
    Gunars.Prekelis [at]
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    1 - 20 from 76