It is important to know how to use emergency and rescue equipment and what to do, if an accident occurs. If you are uncertain, please refer to the crew.

    Decompression (lowering of air pressure in the aircraft passenger cabin)
When the air pressure in the passenger cabin lowers, oxygen masks drop out automatically from the panel above your head. In such case, please act as follows:
•    Pull the mask to activate oxygen flow until the oxygen supply tube is stretched;
•    Put the oxygen mask over the nose and mouth and breath calmly;
•    Fix the elastic band of the mask as necessary;
•    When you have put your mask on, help to children and people sitting nearby;
•    Check, if the safety seat belt is fastened;
•    Wait for further instructions from the aircraft crew.
    Fire and smoke
    During the flight
•    Cover your mouth and nose with wet piece of cloth or paper towel.
•    Bend closer to the floor of the aircraft in order to avoid breathing in the toxic fumes and gases.
•    Follow instructions by the aircraft crew.
    On the ground
•     Knowing the number of seats to the nearest emergency exit, find it and leave the aircraft.
•    To find the nearest exit, follow the emergency lighting on the floor and instructions of the aircraft crew.
•    When leaving aircraft, remain at least 100 m from it.
•    Help others, if you can.
•    Never return to burning aircraft.

    Forced landing on the water or “ditching”
    Swimming equipment
•    Note their location and use.
•    Safety vests, floats and evacuation sliding ramps may be used as swimming equipment.
•    Note that the safety vest may be inflated when leaving the aircraft only.
    Evacuation from the aircraft
•    Follow instructions by the aircraft crew.
•    Stay calm and go to the nearest emergency exit.
•    Leave all your belongings in the aircraft.
•    Help to others when you have safely left the aircraft.

    How to leave the aircraft using the sliding ramp
•    Take off high heel shoes in order not to damage the ramp.
•    Jump in a sitting position to the centre of the sliding ramp with your feet forward.
•    Cross your arms on your chest, press your elbows to your body and keep your legs and feet together.
•    When you reach the lower part of the sliding ramp, leave it as soon as possible in order not to hinder other passengers.
•    Do not sit on the sliding ramp in order to slide down.