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Riga Airport will resume checking e-confirmations for arriving passengers

Due to the decrease in the number of e-confirmations submitted to the Covid-19 anti-immigrant control information system, the Civil Aviation Agency (CAA) has instructed Riga Airport to resume QR code checks for arriving passengers from Friday, October 23.

In order to facilitate the restriction of the spread of Covid-19, passengers arriving at Riga Airport must present a QR code, which confirms the completion of the electronic questionnaire on the website on compliance with epidemiological requirements. E-confirmations must be completed prior to flights to Latvia and presented prior to boarding. The e-confirmation can be filled in 48 hours before the flight.

The CAA had initially asked the airport to inspect until October 18 whether passengers arriving in Latvia had filled in an electronic questionnaire and received QR codes.
As reported, the government earlier this supported the introduction of a Covid-19 information system for persons arriving in the country.

The system provides support to the Center for Disease Prevention and Control in conducting epidemiological investigations, as well as to the Health Inspectorate in ensuring persons are complying with epidemiological requirements and in the supervision of persons under self-quarantine. It also assists the State Police and the municipal police in their work.
Before arriving in Latvia, a person confirms that upon arrival in Latvia, he or she will follow the epidemiological safety measures established in the country to limit the spread of Covid-19 infection.

The confirmation form is to be filled in on the website The confirmation questionnaire must be submitted no earlier than 48 hours before crossing the Latvian border.
The person will then be provided with a confirmation of the submission of the confirmation questionnaire with the QR code for use on a mobile device, as well as sending it to the person's e-mail address indicated in the confirmation questionnaire.

A person who enters Latvia using the international transportation services will have to present to the carrier a confirmation of the submission of the said questionnaire in printed form or on a mobile device.

The carrier will make sure that the person has submitted the questionnaire by visually inspecting the confirmation presented by the person or by checking the QR code indicated in the confirmation with the mobile device. In the absence of confirmation, the carrier will be able to refuse boarding or offer to fill in the questionnaire immediately.

The questionnaire will have to provide such data as the person's name, surname, personal identification number, contact telephone number, address, date and time of entry, type of entry. It will also be necessary to indicate whether the person has arrived in Latvia on a working visit, has crossed the Latvian border for the purpose of transit, as well as the next country to which the person is going if he or she crosses the border in transit.
In case a person has been in another country during the past 14 days, the questionnaire will have to indicate the specific foreign country and the date of departure.