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A new aero-medical centre certified in Latvia

The State Agency "Civil Aviation Agency" (CAA) has certified a new civil aviation organization in Latvia - “Premium Medical” Ltd.

The aero-medical centre (AeMC) certificate granted to the clinic will allow its specialists to perform initial and revalidation/renewal health examinations and aero-medical evaluations, as well as to issue relevant class civil aviation personnel medical certificates and reports, for applicants and holders of class 1, 2, LAPL medical certificates, as well as for applicants and holders of cabin crew member medical reports, in accordance with the requirements established in the EU member states.

During the preparatory work, the clinic not only attracted additional personnel specializing in aviation medicine, but also the specialists had to learn new diagnostic equipment. Also, a new organizational structure was created in the company with certain areas of responsibility and aero-medical competence. The current administrative and organizational workload for the clinic's doctors and aero-medical examiners will be removed, which will be carried out by additional staff.

Therefore, there are currently two certified aero-medical centres in Latvia - "Aviamed" Ltd. in the territory of the "Riga" airport in Marupe and "Premium Medical" Ltd. in Riga, 13. janvara street 3. In both centres, aviation personnel can perform the initial medical examinations for civil aviation Class 1 (commercial pilot) medical certificate and extended aero-medical evaluation.

Until now, several CAA-certified doctors - experienced aero-medical examiners worked in this clinic, however, in order to obtain the status of an aero-medical centre in accordance with the current regulatory requirements in the field of aviation medicine, it needed to perform several additional tasks.


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