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Civil Aviation Agency of Latvia (CAA) has analyzed current information and determined that aircraft operators of the Republic of Latvia, when planning flights to and from Israelian airports, need to carry out a flight safety risk assessment for each individual flight. Flight safety risk assessments must be submitted to the CAA.

Thus, flights in Israeli airspace can only be carried out if the safety of the aircraft and passengers is ensured.

Until October 9, 2023, CAA recommendations for Latvian carriers not to use Israeli airspace were in force, which applied both to crossing the airspace in transit and to flights to and from airports in Israel.

At the same time, the Agency invites passengers to assess security risks when planning their flights. The CAA reminds that restrictions on the use of airspace can create situations where passengers have difficulties to leave the territory of a specific country. The recommendations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the field of security when visiting different countries can be found on ministries website

For further information, please contact:
Aivis Vincevs

State Agency “Civil Aviation Agency”
Manager of operational situations
Phone: +371 60001672