The CAA reminds of the need to apply for airspace restrictions in time

In the summer period, aviation exhibitions and shows are held more and more often in Latvia, during which it is necessary to determine restrictions on the use of airspace. The state agency "Civil Aviation Agency" (CAA) reminds that the airspace reservation for such events must be done in time.

In recent years, the CAA has found that air show organizers do not pay due attention to the prerequisites for obtaining a show permit, which would guarantee its safe conduct, despite the fact that the public event is scheduled several months before the application is submitted.

In order to receive the airspace required for the air show, the application must be submitted to the CAA at least two months before the planned event.

In addition, no later than 15 working days before the air show or show, the organizer must submit to the CAA a detailed program of the air show, a topographic map with the exact areas where the show will take place, as well as a list of show participants, as well as a written confirmation that the municipality in whose territory the air show is planned and the land the owner agrees to organize such an event.

Before the permit is issued, an evaluation of the compliance of the aviation show with flight safety is carried out, and in the case of the permit being issued, the airspace is restricted. It should be taken into account that the planned air space may already have other restrictions, therefore it is especially important to apply for the necessary air space before announcing the event in a public environment. At the same time, CAA assesses whether and how the planned airspace restrictions will affect the functional system of air traffic management and air navigation and related risk mitigation measures of VAS "Latvijas gaisas satiksme".

Additional information:
Aivis Vincevs
State Agency "Civil Aviation Agency"
Manager of operational situations
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