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An organization wishing to qualify as an FSTD shall submit a CAA documentation demonstrating compliance with the ORA and FSTD parts of Regulation 1178/2011 and the requirements of the CS-FSTD. After coordination of the FSTD construction process with the CAA, the organization shall submit documentation in accordance with the requirements of ORA.FSTD.200.

Process description

  1. submit an application form
    The FSTD operator shall submit a completed application form to the CAA (forms here:… ).

  2. Conformity assessment
    The conformity of the documents with the applicable requirements is assessed and an on-site audit is performed. The FSTD is subject to a qualification check to assess its compliance.

  3. issuance of a certificate
    Once the organization has demonstrated compliance with the applicable requirements, an FSTD qualification certificate shall be issued.


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