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Initial certification of training organisations for air traffic controllers (ATCO) and air traffic information service operators (AFISO).

Process description

  1. Submission of application
    In the framework of the certification of training organisations, a documentary and face-to-face inspection is carried out to assess the applicant's compliance with the requirements of EU law. Successful certification results in the issue of certificate and ongoing training organisation monitoring.

  2. Assessment of documentation, personnel and equipment conformity
    The CAA shall draw up inspection checksheets and carry out a documentary audit planning for an on-site audit in the applicant organisation.

  3. Demonstration and face-to-face audit
    The CAA shall draw up inspection checksheets and assess on-the-spot evidence of the organisation's compliance with the requirements of Regulation 2015/340, the Manual of the Management and Quality System and the requirements of BOM Regulation No 730/2016. As necessary, the CAA shall re-examine, provide information to the applicant of the training organisation on the results.

  4. Conclusion of the certification and issuance of the certificate
    The CAA shall prepare a certificate for signature with a cover letter.


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