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Tonight passenger flight restrictions come into force at the aerodromes of the Republic of Latvia

In accordance with the Cabinet of Ministers order the State Agency "Civil Aviation Agency" has set restrictions from tonight starting at 00.00 local time for international passenger air transport flights to and from the aerodromes of the Republic of Latvia.

In accordance with the restrictions from 17 March 00.00 local time until 14 April 23.59 local time all scheduled and non-scheduled international passenger flights to and from Latvian aerodromes are prohibited. Exceptions are allowed only with the permission from the Minister of Transport of the Republic of Latvia.

At the same time, it should be noted that air cargo services, non-passenger general aviation, state aircraft, military aviation and training flights will continue to be allowed. Also, air carriers will still be able to use airspace for transit over Latvia. In case of emergency landing or diversion, aircraft flying in transit through Latvian airspace will be able to use aerodromes in Latvia.

Restrictions on passenger flights have been published for all parties concerned and carriers are therefore obliged to cancel scheduled flights during the period from 17 March to 14 April.

While some airlines still offer the option of purchasing airline tickets for flights between March 17 and April 14, passengers are encouraged not to schedule flights or purchase new tickets during this time. Passengers who purchase tickets for flights between 17 March and 14 April must contact the airline concerned.

Riga International Airport invites passengers to deal with all issues related to the cancellation or change of flight bookings, as well as the recovery of funds, with their airlines. The airport invites airlines to address these issues remotely without having to arrive at the airport. The airport invites escorts and waiters to arrive at the airport only if the passenger needs assistance in getting to or from the airport. Passengers are also asked to use personal transport whenever possible to get home from the airport.