The situation in the Middle East will affect flights

The state agency "Civil Aviation Agency" (CAA) informs that the previous night's attack on Israel by Iran poses risks to the safety of civil aviation aircraft flights, therefore aircraft flight routes are being rescheduled for safety reasons.

CAA monitors the situation in the Middle East in cooperation with international and national partners, as well as analyzes the possible development of the situation in close cooperation with national carriers.

Last night and this morning, Latvian carriers had no flights to countries in the conflict zone or flights crossing them, so the attack by Iran did not affect the operation of Latvian carriers.

However, taking into account that in the near future flights are expected, the route of which was intended to use the airspace of the countries involved in the conflict and their neighbors, measures have been implemented to ensure the safety of aircraft flights. Therefore, in the near future, flights to certain destinations will be longer or with technical stops, thus affecting the total flight time. The mentioned measures have been implemented to exclude any risks to the safety of passengers, flight crews and aircraft.

The CAA draws attention to the fact that as the situation changes rapidly, the volume of misinformation increases significantly, for example, regarding countries whose airspace is closed. CAA informs that all current information about the affected flights will be provided to passengers by the carriers.

Additional information:

Aivis Vincevs
State Agency "Civil Aviation Agency"
Manager of operational situations
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