RIX Riga Airport served 547.2 thousand passengers this April, which is the first month of the summer flight schedule; 1.9 million passengers have used Riga Airport for their trips since the beginning of the year.

Compared to April 2023, the number of direct passengers at Riga Airport has increased by three percent and has returned to the pre-pandemic level, even slightly exceeding it. The growth in the direct passenger segment was facilitated by the wide and diverse range of routes offered by the airlines operating in Riga, and the unique destinations that cannot be reached from other nearby airports. 442 thousand passengers used Riga Airport for direct flights in April, while the number of transit and transfer travellers handled in April was 105.5 thousand.

During the month, the Airport served 5175 passenger, air cargo, technical, business and other flights, or 5 % more than last April. Since the beginning of the year, the number of flights has reached 17.8 thousand.

During this summer season, 20 airlines operate at Riga Airport, which provide Latvia with connections to more than 100 destinations in 44 countries around the world. The largest range of novelties for summer flights from Riga is offered by the national airline airBaltic, which opened flights to Ljubljana at the end of April, and to Tirana, Sofia, Skopje, Chisinau and Pristina in the first week of May. With the opening of the base, Norwegian is increasing its network of direct flight routes from Riga this summer, offering direct flights to the leisure destinations of Tivat and Corfu in addition to flights to Oslo, Stockholm, Copenhagen and Trondheim.

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