Covid 19

Passenger flight restrictions at the aerodromes of the Republic of Latvia

In accordance with the Cabinet of Ministers order the State Agency "Civil Aviation Agency" has set restrictions until 9 June 23.59 local time for international passenger air transport flights to and from the aerodromes of the Republic of Latvia.

In accordance with the restrictions until 9 June 23.59 local time all scheduled and non-scheduled international passenger flights to and from Latvian aerodromes are prohibited. Exceptions are allowed only with the permission from the Minister of Transport of the Republic of Latvia. The application shall be submitted 24 hours prior the departure, Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays not counted.

At the same time, it should be noted that air cargo services, non-passenger general aviation, state aircraft, military aviation and training flights will continue to be allowed. Also, air carriers will still be able to use airspace for transit over Latvia. In case of emergency landing or diversion, aircraft flying in transit through Latvian airspace will be able to use aerodromes in Latvia.

At the same time cabin crew shall observe passengers during the flight and in case of any signs of Covid-19 disease shall inform captain about the number of potentially sick passengers. Captain of the aircraft shall inform air traffic controller about the number of passengers potentially sick with the Covid-19 disease. In case of potentially sick passenger with the Covid-19 disease, cabin crew after landing shall inform the passengers to remain seated in their seats and evacuate potentially sick passenger or passengers till aircraft door and refer them to the medical staff or allow to enter medical staff in the aircraft for passenger evacuation.

Cabin crew shall inform passengers that arriving persons shall perform 14 days self-isolation in the place of residence (home quarantine) and General practitioner shall be called in case of any signs of acut respiratory infection. Passengers having the cough, throat inflammation, increased body temperature are request to seek medical advice at the Riga International Airport E and C arrival sectors prior to receiving baggage.

Captain of the aircraft shall ensure that all passengers arriving to aerodromes of Republic of Latvia fill out mandatory Covid-19 virus. Captain shall return all forms to the Republic of Latvia Border guard after landing. Information form available upon request from the Ministry of the Transport of Republic of Latvia, email: