Skill tests, proficiency checks and assessments of competence for MPA and PL type ratings and the issue of an ATPL and an MPL, for SPA and helicopters should be conducted in a FSTD, as laid out in Part FCL.

Prior to each skill test and examiner assessment of competence, except for airline transport pilot licenses, the responsible training organization or the person who carried out the applicant's training, after successful completion of the training course, recommends student for examination by submitting a completed Skill Test/Examiner, Instructor Assessment of Competence Application and Examiner Designation form via e-mail at least 5 business days before the desired test date.

Skill Test and examiners assessment of competence may be performed only after approval by the CAA!

The applicant does not need the CAA approval to pass the proficiency check.


To apply for an Airline Transport Pilot skill test the Applicant shall independently send in the completed