Each airline has own provisions in relation to travelling with children. They are applicable both to travelling with infants or young children and non-accompanied travelling of a child, as well as to the use of car booster seats in the passenger cabin etc. Prior to travelling with children, please read carefully provisions of the specific airline available from its website or by calling to the phone number provided by the specific airline.
An infant shall be considered a child up to 2 years of age!
Children under 2 years are too little to sit in a standard seat of an aircraft. To fix the infant in the seat, specific seat belts or a car booster seat are used in the European Union. However, not all EU airlines allow using of car booster seats for transportation of children! If you wish to use a car booster seat, please contact the airline or travel agency to ascertain terms and conditions applicable to the use of car booster seats in the specific airline.
When buying return ticket, please make certain, if the infant will still be below 2 years of age at the date of return.
An infant may travel accompanied only. When buying an infant’s ticket, please take into consideration that the child will not have an individual seat. If, however, the child needs an individual seat, you will have to buy a children ticket.
Please note that a certain limited number of infants may be allowed on the board per one flight depending on the type of aircraft:
This information shall be provided in a table

Type of aircraft* Maximum permissible number of infants per one flights
Fokker 50  3
Q-400 6
Boeing 737 10
Boeing 757 20
A320 15

*Aircrafts used by the Latvian airlines
Security rules applicable to the transportation of liquids shall not refer to infants’ food used during the flight! The security check may request your approval for necessity of these products.